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Our Mission

There is increasing agreement among many in this country that remaining together as a Union is no longer tenable. From the Liberals in California to the Conservatives in Texas there are movements in several States to peacefully withdraw from the Union. Violence in many places, feelings of powerlessness in many more, make outbreaks of increasing violence even more likely. Being ruled from thousands of miles away by those not in touch with regular Americans is just not viable. 
We are therefore working on uniting the various movements that are working towards peaceful separation under one organization, whose sole purpose is to facilitate dialogue between the movements, no matter how far apart they are ideologically and to spread the word among more and more mainstream Americans that sadly this is the only way to prevent far more tragic events.

We are unequivocally against any forms of violence or insurrection and will refuse to affiliate with any group or organization that espouses violence in any form!

We Need Your Support Today!

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