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Press Release: FBI Raid Thrusts Union Closer To Breaking Apart

We the constituent organizations of American United for Peaceful Separation wish to publicize the following statement:

The unprecedented politically-motivated FBI raid on the home of a past-president has only further increased the horrific polarization between the left and right in this country, with increasing calls for #NationalDivorce and #CivilWar, both of which were trending on Twitter in the hours following the raid. Millions more Americans are questioning the legitimacy of a Federal Government whose police forces seem to operate politically with no limits on their actions. Though our views and those of whom we represent in our respective States do not concur, we work together peacefully and in friendship to find a peaceful solution to this polarization, with the hope that violence can be avoided.

We hope that individuals from whatever State and with any political position will join our mission of bringing peace to all the inhabitants of these 50 States through decentralization, allowing each state to govern itself independently.

Elliot Axelman, President FNHI

Marcus Ruiz Evans, President Calexit

Steven Axelman, Chairman AUPS

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Keith Bessette
Keith Bessette
22 de nov. de 2022

This raid is yet another example of using the various 3-letter agencies of DC using federal enforcers to score political points on an upcoming federal election by attacking the weak, political useful victims on carefully selected issues. Why do most of us vote anyway? I'm not sure, at least for national elections. I now recognize it as a wast of time. The view is presumably based on a Big Government dream that will never happen. Face it - supporting the biggest empire in Earth's history won't turn out well in the end.

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