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Response to Marjorie Taylor Greene calling for "National Divorce"

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

In Response to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene's calling for "National Divorce" on the President's day holiday

We, the member movements of AUPS, do hereby acknowledge and agree with Representative Taylor-Greene's President's Day statements on the need for a national divorce and peaceful separation.

In our unified voices spanning the political spectrum of those who call for a peaceful separation, we assert that nothing of what MTG said on this holiday was illegal, seditionist, treasonous, or insurrectionist. Although many critics across the union, both on social media and in mainstream news publications, claimed that what MTG was saying was, in their opinion, all of those things. We, as informed and educated independence activists, know that the Federal law pertaining to any of these crimes does not apply to MTG's recent statement. She did not call for an overthrow of the government, nor did she did say she will only consider national divorce through violent means; or that she would side with a known foreign enemy of the united states including planning to give them aid and comfort. There is nothing morally wrong or objectionable, nor is there any aspect that is illegal about having a discussion on national divorce.

We encourage all reasonable people to consider having the difficult, but detailed, conversation about the potential legal processes regarding peaceful separation in the hopes that we may stave off another (seemingly) imminent Civil War. We, as Americans United for Peaceful Separation, invite all elected officials to join us for a civilized and considerate discussion on this topic of “national divorce” and self-determination.

Americans United for Peaceful Separation

Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, Alu Axelman, Chairman

Calexit LLC, Jason Wright, CEO

Texas Nationalism Movement, Daniel Miller, President

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