Americans United

for Peaceful Separation


There is increasing agreement among many in this country that remaining together as a Union is no longer tenable.  From the Progressives in California to the Conservatives in Texas

there are movements in several States to peacefully withdraw from the Union. Violence in many places, feelings of powerlessness in many more, make outbreaks of increasing violence even more likely.  Being ruled from thousands of miles away by those not in touch with regular Americans is just not viable.  We are therefore working on uniting the various movements that are working towards peaceful separation under one organization, 

whose sole purpose is to facilitate dialogue between the movements, no matter how far apart they are ideologically, and to spread the word among more and more mainstream Americans that, sadly, this is the only way to prevent far more tragic events.

We are unequivocally against any forms of violence or insurrection and will refuse to affiliate with any group or organization that espouses violence in any form!

On these pages we are collecting articles on the various secessionist

and peaceful separation movements across the country.

Please share with us any information we are missing. 

In the past week or so, there has been a lot of activity concerning peaceful separation, in many areas of the country, as well as pro-peaceful separation statements from pundits and other famous people.  Below are links to some:

The News and Why it Matters with David Reaboi and Michael Malice discussing secession October 13, 2021
Daniel Miller
discusses Texit with Chris Salcedo
Glenn Beck discussing secession October 13, 2021
Marcus Ruiz Evans of Calexit interviews
New Hampshire State Representative Mike Sylvia, who introduced a proposal to amend the NH constitution to make NH an independent country

Dan Bongino's podcast 10/4/21--Is it time for national divorce?
Some Good News ... More Americans Supporting Separating Into Two Countries - Granite Grok

Daniel Horowitz on his podcast September 23rd 2021
National Divorce is the only solution!!!!
Anyone who is not talking about that is wasting your time!!!!
Heading 6
Marcus Ruiz Evans of Calexit discusses latest news on secession
Tim Pool discussing
secession and NH September 17, 2021
porcfest carla daniel elliot steve.jpg
marcus on screen at porcfest 001.jpg

On June 24th at Porcfest, in a first of its kind event,
Daniel Miller, the President of the
Texas Nationalist Movement, Carla Gericke of the Foundation for NH Independence
and Marcus Ruiz Evans, the President of Calexit/YesCalifornia (on Zoom) came together by invitation of  The Liberty Block ,
Americans United for Peaceful Separation and NHExit,
and presented on the need for and
the path to peaceful separation for their respective States.
They also answered questions from the audience on the
arguments against and challenges to the possibility of secession.
For complete video of this event, click

Michael Malice and Kristin Tate (both of 'יםצare popular writers and political commentators in the conservative/libertarian/anarchist movements) endorse secession

Dr. Steve Turley podcast on Texit April 21, 2021

The Brion McClanahan Show Episode 404: Blue State Secession?
laura ingraham craig shirley.png

Laura Ingraham speaks with Craig Shirley on America being on the verge of a split between red states and blue

Bill Whittle et al discussing
how we could peacefully separate

Recent great articles discussing secession!

National Divorce Is Expensive, But It's Worth Every Penny - by David Reaboi 
The Great Divorce: Divided We Stand › American Greatness
Do Red and Blue States Want A Divorce? (
So You Want A National Divorce, Huh? Are You Sure? | The American Spectator 
The Declaration talks of abolishing bad government -- time to do so again? (

Former Trump aide makes case for red counties seeking blue state secession to do so

Secessionist, Border Realignment Movements Gaining Traction in US - Epochtimes

Do The Democrats Want Civil War Or Revolution? | Canada Free Press

Is Support for a 'National Divorce' on the Rise? | 7/19/21 | Steve Deace Show
(see also: and
Poll shows some Americans would entertain the idea of secession)
The great American divorce | The Week

The Small Secessions of the New Civil War | Canada Free Press

Subjugation, Dissolution, or Renewed Federalism? - American Thinker
Why the Pledge of Allegiance Is Un-American - Foundation for Economic Education 

The New Secession Crisis--The Democrats have already left the Union

The United States so reviles itself, it might actually break up | British GQ
MSNBC Touts Extremist Far-Left Militia That Wants to Secede From U.S. | Newsbusters
Is the US Breaking Apart? | Why Some Conservatives Want to Form New States
The Idea Of Secession Isn't Going Away | ZeroHedge
Right to Secede -- Mises Wire
A New America? Poll Finds Support for ‘Regions’ of States
Stimulus checks have Americans in agreement,
but country bitterly split on everything else

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Wyoming GOP chairman floats secession after Cheney votes to impeach Trump 

New York State

Cuomo declares NY independent from federal government - Capitol Confidential (

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